Photos of Posterity band
Photo by Dan Landeværn Engelhardt.

A new band is on the way. Five guys living in Sealand in Denmark presents the band Posterity.

If you like bands like Periphery, Monuments and Meshuggah you will feel right at home. The music of Posterity is progressive and very rhytmical. Some of you might call it 'djent'. The music is mixed with elements from progressive metal and death metal.

The band was started by guitarist Martin Rosenberg, drummer Nick Sørensen and guitarist Rasmus Ipsen in 2015. After half a year, in March 2016, they found bass player Jens Christian Nielsen (ex Chrome Shift) and later again, in autumn 2016, singer Niks Frost. Guitarist Martin VennenstrÝm replaced Rasmus in the spring of 2017.

They chose the name Posterity because they liked the slightly melancholic ring it has. Perfect for metal music.

Early 2019, the band released their first two demo songs. On the 13th of April 2019 Posterity played for the first time at High Voltage in Copenhagen. The ambition is to continue playing support gigs locally and also perform at metal festivals around Denmark.

The line-up:

Martin M. Rosenberg: Guitar
Nick Sørensen: Drums
Jens Christian Nielsen: Bass
Niks Frost: Lead vocal
Martin VennenstrÝm: Guitar

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Video for the demo song 'Sleep'. Song mixed and mastered by Rasmus Kristensen:

Reviews: 2019, April 13th: (4/5) from Metal a Day.