Picture of Alex Puddu album cover
Alex Puddu: "The Silence of the Sun and the Rhythm of the Rain"
April Records
Released September 1st 2005.

Alex Puddu: Vocals, guitar, bass, you name it he plays it.
Justin Schøning: Piano Rhodes, organ, you name it he also plays it.
Mette Lindberg: Vocals
Massimo Fiorentino: Piano, keyboard
Jens Christian Nielsen: Bass
Jesper Løvdal: Saxophone, flute
...and many more musicians


Black Birds of Dawn*

Angels of the Night*

The Silence of the Sun and the Rhythm of the Rain*

Times and Places

Free the Stones from your Heart*

Blues Session on the 5th floor

My beautiful kind

Walking through the Cornfields*

There was a promo CD and a promo EP (yes, vinyl) distributed to all those cool, special, VIP's in Denmark with three tracks from the record. The promo-thingy is called "The Black Birds of Dawn". You can't buy it - of course, it is one of those rare 500 (I think) copy only items you always dream of finding somewhere.
I play on five tracks on this record, they are marked with *.