Between High Trees (Deluxe Edition) record cover
AtmosPheric Places - Between High Trees (Deluxe Edition)

Tommy Hansen: Drums, keyboards, effects
Jens Christian Nielsen: Bass
Toke Skjønnemann: Guitar
Per Johansson: Lead vocal (1, 4, 5, 8, 11)
Trine Vibeke Petersen: Lead vocal (9, 20)
Shane Bekker Dhiman: Lead vocal (14)
Torben Lysholm: Lead vocal (16)
Brian Jensen: Lead vocal (18)

Debut album by AtmosPheric Places.

Recorded a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away...
Produced, mixed and mastered by Tommy Hansen.

Released December 2021.

Track listing:
A Drink from My Lovin'Cup
AtmosPheric Places
Behind the Gates
Behind the Gates, Vol. 1
Behind the Gates, Vol. 2
Behind the Gates, Vol. 3
Dark Mist
Dark Mist, Vol. 1
Dark Mist, Vol. 2
Dark Mist, Vol. 3 No Drums
Snow, Drums Only
Raw Concrete
Raw Concrete, Vol. 1
The Green Killer Bike
The Green Killer Bike, Vol. 1
The Unforgivable Viking
Till I Return
Till I Return, Vol. 1
Dreams from the Past
Dreams from the Past, Vol. 1