May 19th 2022: Sakura now available on Apple Music/iTunes
My new single Sakura is now available on Apple Music/iTunes

May 17th 2022: New single
Today I am releasing a little tune called 'Skura' named after the Japanese term for cherry blossom.

It is a tune I wrote years ago and finally recorded. I am playing on my brand new JP Custom Guitars Luso Pro 5 bass.

It is available on Bandcamp as of today and it will be available on streaming services in the near future.

The tune was produced by my good friend Poul Terkildsen and myself. It was mixed and mastered by Poul Terkildsen.

I hope you will enjoy it.


Visit the Sakura section.

February 21st 2022: Posterity - Gig at Kontrast 26th of March 2022
Happy New Year! :-)
Posterity will perform at Kontrast in Herning the 26th of March 2022. Visit the Live section.

December 14th 2021: AtmosPheric PLaces
A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away (late 2009 or ealier maybe?), I joined a project started by my friend Tommy Hansen. Over the years 20+ songs where created and recorded, but the project stranded for some years - until now! There are two new records available plus a single under the name of AtmosPheric Places! It is available on all streaming services. Check out the Discography section now to learn more. It is sort of cinematic 80's metal.
As I recall, everything was recorded with my trusty Le Fay Herr Schwarz 6-string - but I am not 100% sure. Give it a listen and tell me if I am right or not.

September 17th 2021: Jacta Est Alea (Instrumentals) out now!
Posterity released 'Jacta Est Alea (Instrumentals)'. It is available on all streaming services.

June 8th 2021: Featured by bass luthier Le Fay - again!
Heavy finishing is the law! Yes, the fantastic people at Le Fay discovered, that the sound of an air-brush fits the Posterity song 'Born to Fail' beautifully!
I am playing the mighty Herr Schwarz 6-string bass. You should buy one too.

Check out Le Fay:

Also, buy to the new Posterity EP 'Jacta Est Alea' on Bandcamp or listen to the songs on any streaming service. Out now!


June 5th 2021: Featured by bass luthier Le Fay
The lovely German bass wizards from Le Fay feature the Posterity song 'Born to Fail' played on my wonderfull Herr Schwarz bass. Check it out on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

Check out the Le Fay website.

Listen to the new Posterity EP 'Jacta Est Alea' on any streaming service. Out now!

May 26th 2021: Posterity - Made a playthrough of 'Born To Fail'
I made a playthrough of the Posterity song 'Born to Fail'. Check it out.

March 23rd 2021: Posterity Debut EP out now!
Posterity released the debut EP 'Jacta Est Alea'. It is available on all streaming services.
All of this with support from Koda�s Cultural Funds. #Kodakultur

#Kodakultur image

October 25th 2020: Posterity - Martin Vennenstr�m is leaving the band
From Posterity on Facebook:
We are sad to announce that Martin Vennenstr�m has left Posterity. We wish him the very best in his future heavy metal endeavours.

September 28th 2020: Posterity - In the studio this week
From Posterity on Facebook:
This week we go into the studio to record drums and vocals and to mix and master our EP. All of this with support from Koda�s Cultural Funds. #Kodakultur

#Kodakultur image

August 15th 2020: Posterity - Funding for recording EP
From Posterity on Facebook:
We are happy to announce, that Posterity will receive funding from De Kulturelle Midler to record drums and vocals plus mix and mastering in LAK studio for an EP late September. Guitars and bass are being recorded at home. #kodakultur

#Kodakultur image

January 5th 2020: Posterity - Gig at Paramount 11th. of January 2020
Happy New Year! :-)
Another gig for Posterity. Posterity will perform at Paramount in Roskilde the 11th of January 2020. Visit the Live section.

December 19th 2019: Posterity - Emergenza semifinals 31st. of January 2020
Posterity will perform at Rust in Copenhagen the 31st. of January 2020 at 21:00 as part of the Emergenza competition. This round is the semi finals. There is not a whole lot of metal bands at Emergenza, so come and cheer for us :-)
We sell tickets for 110,- a ticket.

October 4th 2019: Posterity - event for performance in November
Here is the event for the performance at High Voltage the 2nd of November 2019 at 20:00.

September 6th 2019: Posterity - event for performance in October
Here is the event for the performance at Rust the 5th of October 2019 at 21:00 as part of the Emergenza competition.

May 21st 2019: Another video on YouTube
New video on YouTube! Another groove from the Groove a Day app.

April 27th 2019: Posterity - first performance was a success!
The first performance was a great success! We got a good review (4/5) from Metal a Day.

February 27th 2019: Posterity - lyric video on its way
A lyric video for the demo song Ruination will be made available tomorrow. Watch the Posterity channel closely!

February 25th 2019: Posterity - event for performance in April
Here is the event for the performance at High Voltage the 13th of April 2019 at 21:30.

February 22nd 2019: Posterity - 2nd demo song, first gig in April
Poterity has released the second demo song called 'Ruination'. It has a little bass solo towards the end. You can hear it on the Posterity Soundcloud page: 'Ruination' on Soundcloud.
Also, Posterity is playing their first gig at High Voltage the 13th of April 2019 at 21:30. There has not been made a Facebook event yet.

February 14th 2019: Posterity - video for the song 'Sleep'
Poterity has released the video for the demo song 'Sleep'. Find the video here: 'Sleep' on YouTube.

February 11th 2019: Posterity - teaser for video
Poterity has released a small teaser for the coming video. Find the teaser here and follow us on Facebook: Posterity on Facebook.

December 2018: Jazz trio - full length demo reocrdings
You can now listen to the three full length demo recordings of the Bak/Nielsen/Svanberg Trio. Find it here: Bak/Nielsen/Svanberg jazz trio. We are still hunting for places to perform.
Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.

December 2018: Jazz trio - now with demo recording
The Bak/Nielsen/Svanberg jazz trio has made three demo recordings. A medley hereof can be heard here: Bak/Nielsen/Svanberg jazz trio. We are now hunting for places to perform.

October 17th 2018: Ripples in Time on all streaming music services
The good old Ripples in Time album by Chrome Shift is now on all streaming music services. YouTube Music:

July 22nd 2018: Videos on YouTube
I have added three videos on my YouTube channel the last 3-4 days. Here is one of them:

October 23rd 2017: Playing at B�rneteateret 16th of December
I will be playing at B�rneteateret again in December. It will be a longer fusion set.

September 18th 2017: Playing at B�rneteateret on saturday
Am playing at this event on saturday:

July 2017: Playig song from 'Tempus Fugit' album
Playing a song from my album 'Tempus Fugit'.

May 2017: Found guitarist for Posterity
We found a guitarist for Posterity. We welcome Martin Vennenstr�m to the band :-)

April 17th 2017: Looking for guitarist for Posterity
We are looking for a guitarist for Posterity. You have to be 29 years old or older. You have played odd meter rhythms in metal before.

November 18th 2016: Singer for Posterity
We found a lead singer for Posterity. Niks Frost is joining the band.

July 31st 2016: Similar ideas
Heh, check out the similar ideas:

"Forging" by Circus Maximus, from the album "Nine" 2012.
Listen from 0:32:

"Lydkulisse i E-mol" af J.C. Nielsen, from the album "Tempus Fugit" 2007.

July 5th 2016: YouTube video
I made a new YouTube video of a morning jam, see here.

June 18th 2016: New metal band named 'Posterity'
The new metal band now has a name: Posterity. We are looking for a singer. Read all about it here: Posterity.

April 14th 2016: I joined a metal band
I joined a yet to be named metal band. We are looking for a singer. Read all about it here: Rosenberg/Ibsen/Sørensen/Nielsen.

July 16th 2015: YouTube video
I made a new YouTube video, see here.

February 25th 2015: 'Free Tibet' availability - again, again
The 'Free Tibet' song is now also available here:
TDC Play:!/play/album/s151298704

February 24th 2015: 'Free Tibet' availability - again
The 'Free Tibet' song is now also available here:
Amazon DE:
Amazon FR:

February 18th 2015: 'Free Tibet' availability
The 'Free Tibet' song is now also available here:
Amazon UK:
Telmore Musik:

February 13th 2015: New song released called 'Free Tibet'
I have released a new funky song called 'Free Tibet' and it is available on most online music stores and streaming services - or at least it will be very soon. It is song that promotes human rights for the tibetan people. I hope you like it.

If the link below to iTunes doesn't work, then search for Jens Christian Nielsen in iTunes and find the song. The cover artwork on iTunes is not entirely updated yet, but you can still click on the price label to buy the song.


Free Tibet single

September 9th 2013: Hansen/Nielsen/Skj�nnemand
For a long time I have been working with some friends on a metal project. We are looking for a singer. Read all about it here: Hansen/Nielsen/Skj�nnemand.

July 4th 2013:
I made another video of my 'Pdeal Board of Doom', see it here:

January 7th 2013: Listen to 'Tempus Fugit' via YouSee
If you have YouSee broadband you now also have access to millions of songs including my 'Tempus Fugit' album. Check it out: YouSee Musik.

January 7th 2013:
Happy New Year!!! :-)

December 15th 2012: New app, EggSlicer
My friend Ingemar Larsson and I made a new app called EggSlicer for iOS.
It is an musical instrument in the shape of the mighty egg slicer.

December 13th 2012: YouTube video
I made a new YouTube video, see here, or here (scroll to the bottom of the page).

October 26th 2012: New Gloomalizer version
I updated my app Gloomalizer for iOS:
New in version 1.4:
-The app now also works on iOS 6 devices.
-Images can now be shared using Twitter.

August 22nd 2012: Subtitles
I managed to add subtitles in english and danish for part II of the Tempus Fugit video on YouTube - enjoy :-)
Tempus Fugit - part II/II

July 30th 2012: Date change at B�rneteateret
The gig at B�rneteatret, Christiania will be the 10th of August - not the 24th. See Live section.

July 25th 2012: Playing at B�rneteatret
I will be playing at B�rneteatret, Christiania again the 24th of August, see Live section.

July 14th 2012: New Gloomalizer version
I updated my app Gloomalizer for iOS:
New in version 1.3:
-The app now only works on iOS 5.0 or newer.
-General app code improvement: The app is now using ARC.
-Fixed a memory leak.
-Supporting high-res graphics for iPad.
-Support for french language.

June 3rd 2012: Small clip from B�rneteatret
Here is a small clip from the jam at B�rneteateret thursday:

May 31st 2012: Playing at B�rneteatret
I will be playing at B�rneteatret, see Live section.

February 19th 2012: New Gloomalizer version
I updated my app Gloomalizer for iOS:
New in version 1.2:
-The app now also works for iPad.
-The app now works for iOS 5.0.
-Support for 4 new languages: Spanish, german, swedish and danish.
-3 new filters: Night+, Blood+, Blues+. These filters are related to the existing Night, Blood and Blues filters, but they have a cool 70's feeling to them.
-The old 'Options' button has been replaced by a standard action iOS button in the top left corner in the new navigation bar.

February 19th 2012: I left Bak/Nielsen/Svanberg trio
I left the Bak/Nielsen/Svanberg trio in order to focus more on composing.

January 1st 2012: Happy New Year!
Happy New Year! I hope 2012 will be a fantastic year for you. In 2011 I have written a lot of music, unfortunately none of it has been released yet. Let 2012 be the year I return to the metal scene.

November 6th 2011: Not attending jam-session
My part in the jam session mentioned below has been cancelled today :-|

October 31st 2011: Attending a jam-session
Happy Halloween everbody!
I will be attending the jam-sesion on sunday the 6th of November at Kulturstationen Vanl�se - Vanl�se Spisehus, from 10-14. I don't know for how long I will play, let's see. See Live section.

August 20th 2011: Subtitles
I managed to add subtitles in english and danish for part I of the Tempus Fugit video on YouTube - enjoy :-)
PS: Yes, I know there is a bug in the beginning, but I can't figure out what it is.
Tempus Fugit - part I/II

Besides adding boring subtitles on videos I am still, as always, composing new material.

More news: Last week there was a quick photo session for the metal project with 'The Mysterious 3' - or whatever we will call ourselves, so stay tuned for pictures and more info on that project.

March 23rd 2011: Gloomalizer
Since I am a software developer besides being a bassplayer, I would like to point your attention towards the little application called Gloomalizer that I made for iOS: Gloomalizer
It is a small program that you can use to manipulate/gloomalize images with. The price is only $0.99, so check it out :-)

January 15th 2011: Happy New Year
Happy New Year everybody.
There are not a lot of news from me. I am, as usual, composing metal songs. These days I am playing around with my TC Electronic Nova System, see link in the Hardware section. It is replacing my trusty TC G-Major effect and my Voodoo Labs Digital Ground Control MIDI-board. I am sure I will use the Nova System a lot from now on, also for jazz purposes. The company TC Electronic can prepare themselves for my comments on the device :-)

2011 will hopefully be the year where I appear on a metal album, both as composer and bass player. I hope it will also be the year I play even more in jazz groups.

November 29th 2010: Small video clip
Added a small video clip, see here.

October 13th 2010: Composing done & more
Composing the music for metal songs for the semi-secret project I have spoken about earlier has finished. Now we are recording some guitar.

Added two gigs to the Live section.

March 4th 2010: Still composing
I am still composing metal songs with a drummer and a guitar player. We expect the music to be ready soon and then it is all about writing the lyrics. There is no deadline for the project, it will be ready when it is ready - hopefully sooner than later :-)

March 4th 2010: Performance 10th of March
With Thomas Ulstrup, Metta Kim Carter: Wednesday the 10th of March sometime after 17:00 at a pro-tibet demonstration at Christiansborg in Copenhagen.

December 22nd 2009: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you.

December 22nd 2009: Stuff on YouTube.
You can now see two clips from the Torben Enevoldsen days on YouTube:
Maybe Some Day:

Torben Enevoldsen on guitar, Jens Christian Nielsen on bass and Thomas Kruse on drums. The performance was at Banehuset in Sommersted/Denmark, probably in 1999.

July 16th 2009: Uploaded two songs.
I uploaded two songs played by the Bak/Nielsen Duo to the Bak/Nielsen Duo section.

June 17th 2009: New song on MySpace.
I uploaded the song 'Ba-Ya-Ba' to my MySpace account.

June 7th 2009: Photos from recording of jazz demo CD.
The Bak/Nielsen Jazz Duo recorded a new demo cd, see the images in the Bak/Nielsen Duo section for more info.
The tracks are now beeing mixed.

February 27th 2009: Tempus Fugit documentary.
You can now see the documentary about Tempus Fugit on YouTube:
Part I:
Part II:

You can also see it here: Interviews section.

The documentary is made by my friend Massimo Fiorentino.

January 24th 2009: Tempus Fugit on iTunes - better very late than never.
Finally you can buy the tracks from Tempus Fugit on iTunes, see the Tempus Fugit section for more info. I don't know what the hell took iTunes so damn long to put the songs on their site, but now they are there - for you to buy :-)

October 10th 2008: More links.
I added more links to websites where you can buy the tracks from Tempus Fugit online, see the Tempus Fugit section for more info.

September 27th 2008: Buy Tempus Fugit online.
You can now buy the tracks from Tempus Fugit online, see the Tempus Fugit section for more info.

September 27th 2008: Bak/Nielsen Duo at Gallery 68
Go to the live section for more info.

September 22nd 2008: Chrome Shift quits
Yes, dear old Chrome Shift stops as of now. Check the link and read the news section.

September 20th 2008: Misc. updates.
Soon you will be able to buy the 'Tempus Fugit' cd at almost any online store. I estimate you will be able to buy it within 3 weeks. I will provide links to online stores when I know it can be bought.

Gigs: I am still trying to get live gigs in order to play the music on 'Tempus Fugit'. I haven't found one single place to play yet. That's Denmark for you :-|

Metal: I am composing metal songs these days. I have a project going - maybe two projects actually - I will write more about it when more music is more ready.

May 22nd 2008: New jazz demo.
Hello! I made a new jazz demo with Christian Bak (g), we expect to shop it around next week so we can finally get some gigs.

So, what else is new? Hmm....I bought a SWR Goliath Jr. IV 2x10" bass speaker. It sounds fantastic. Just what I needed. Next thing on my wish list is a decent 1x15" or maybe another SWR Goliath Jr. IV 2x10".

I am trying to get gigs for the music on 'Tempus Fugit'. It seems to be a loooong process to get to play anywhere....*sigh*.

I cleaned up the Live section a bit.

March 12th 2008: Update
Hello! Time for another update. My prog-metal songs are put aside a bit in order to compose a bit for Chrome Shift, yes, I am not kidding, C.S. is actually still alive too some degree. I will probably create some riffs and half finished songs to send to the others so everybody can add their own ideas to the material. Poul Terkildsen and I will meet later this month to test some of the new stuff.

Besides music for C.S. I am still creating/arranging the last few songs for the fusion project so we can get on the road soon. It has been very hard for me to create material fast. I rarely produce songs fast, so this is kinda new to me.

I bought a new bass, a Mayones Be Exotic 6-string fretless tuned F# to G - yup, very low tones indeed. The F# sings around 23Hz!! Pretty amazing. I am testing out different strings at the moment. The bass sounds fantastic with the GHS Boomers that were on the bass when I got it, the problem is, that GHS does not make F# strings and I can't find a a manufactorer that makes nickel/steel strings in that width so right now though I have DR Hi-Beams (stainless steel) on it, a string type I have used for many years now, except the F#-string which is a Warwick Black Label (Dark Lord) string - DR doesn't make F# strings yet - but I am working on that :-) I tried a setup of Dark Lords and Black Labels, but the Warwick strings are absolute crap! Extremely muddy string. I remembered why I left Warwick Black Labels many years ago, so I went back to DR Hi-Beams. I expect to aso try out SIT and LaBella strings, but they are kinda hard to get here i Denmark.

The jazz duo is taking a break right now since Christian is ill at the moment. As sson as he is ready we will try finding gigs.

I suppose that is all for now, see you!

December 18th 2007: Tempus Fugit is out!
My jazz fusion cd Tempus Fugit record is out now. Soon it will be available on most danish download sites. See Ukendt Musik which is the site for the label that releases it.

August 18th 2007: Metal on the way
I have been composing prog-metal lately. I don't have enough songs for a full length album yet, but the aim is definately to record and release the work. I am working alone on this project and I don't know who I want to play the music with. I can reveal that it has less emphasis on the keyboards, so it won't be as 'polished' as Chrome Shift. There are both instrumental songs and songs with vocals.

August 18th 2007: New jazz duo
Along with the death of V.O.B. I can announce the birth of a new jazz duo. I am playing with guitarist Christian Bak, we are playing standards and might also play some of our own. Please visit Bak/Nielsen Duo. The main focus for me with the duo is to maintain/develop my jazz-skills....and of course to earn millions :-)

August 18th 2007: V.O.B.
I think it is save to say, that the jazz trio V.O.B. is officially dead now. We might play together in the future, but not as a regular trio. It was fun while it lasted, long live V.O.B.!

May 10th 2007: Two news sections
I have created a seperate news section for news/comments that has nothing to do with the primary focus of the website: Music. The section called Other News can be about anything that I just have to comment but has nothing to do or very little to do with music. Please have a look.

January 6th 2007: Signs of life
Happy New Year!!! Yes, I am still alive. Eventhough I haven't posted any news for six months I am happy to confirm I am still alive. I haven't posted because nothing special has happend, so why am I writing today you might ask? Well, I could tell that I have been hoping for funding for my fusion record, but I wasn't lucky to get any funding, so I am now going to release the record on my own. I am working on the cover artwork with help from a friend and I hope it to be out in February. I will distribute it online, and the record will probably only be sold physically at live performances.

Other boring news: I ordered a new bass amplifier to replace the ok-but-not-so-ok Hartke amp. I am getting a Mark Bass Little Mark II amp, and I am really, really looking forward to get it.
I have sold my Peavey speakers, to big, too heavy and not among the best speakers in the world, so later I will get me a SWR Goliath Jr. III 2x10" speaker, that I intend to use with the Yorkville 15" speaker I have. Later I will replace the Yorkville with something better, probably a SWR Son of Bertha 1x15" speaker.

Chrome Shift: No news. We are still trying to find a label for our next record.

V.O.B.: We are looking for some gigs, but they are pretty hard to get.

July 11rd 2006: Virtuosa interview
Made an interview for Virtuosa magazine in april, read it at the bottom of the Interviews section.

July 3rd 2006: MySpace
I now have a small MySpace page also at

May 21st 2006: Performance cancelled
The performance the 16th of June has been cancelled.

May 1st 2006: Performances
Take a look at the Live section. There are two performances soon.

January 30th 2006: The fusion record
Today I mailed the last application for funding of the printing and release of my recently recorded fusion cd. If I have to pay the printing and release myself, it would take me a year or more to gather the money - I don't have time for that. I want the record out as soon as possible. It looks like I persuaded a danish label to distribute the record when it is printed. That is so cool. That way I won't have to think of that part myself.

January 30th 2006: Butterfly Collectors
I am leaving the Butterfly Collectors. I will however play the next three shows. The reason for leaving is, that the way we are playing the music at the moment is too far from what original idea of 70's slow funk. We are getting too close to boring pop-rock. I also miss Massimo Fiorentino (rhodes) and Jesper Løvdal (sax) in the band. I miss Louise Petersen playing percussion. At the moment she mainly play drums in the band.
The extra time I get from not beeing in Butterfly Collectors will be spent on composing 2-3 fusion tunes, so I have enough material to play live with the fusion project. I also want to start composing new metal songs. I am working on a few ideas already.

January 15th 2006: New colours
New year = new colours.

January 9th 2006: Butterflies in Copenhagen
Happy New Year!!! Hope you managed to get into the new year without to much of a headacke.
I am to play with Alex Puddu and the Butterfly Collectors. We have a performance in on friday the 13th (horror!) at 22:00 at Stengade 30, Copenhagen, visit the "Live" section.

November 8th 2005: So, what's going on?
I have played with Alex Puddu and the Butterfly Collectors lately, and we have some more perfomances comming in the start of next year. Going to be fun.
Chrome Shift isn't really moving. I am still waiting for our demo to be mixed. Will be done this month I think, then we will send the demo to DVS Records. We had to cancel two rehersals lately due to illness and due to Poul beeing on the road with Sparklin' June. We will meet at the end of November.
I haven't composed lately. Still taking a break after the recording of my fusion album. I am looking for a label to release it. Very hard to get in contact with label A&R people. Have dumped one label because they never went back to me. I am hopefull about a newer danish label at the moment. If that doesn't work, I will start looking into what it would take to release the album myself. Sick and tired of waiting for A&R people. When you want something done, do it yourself.

November 8th 2005: Waiting
If you ever need to call a taxi in Copenhagen, NEVER call Codan Taxi. I ordered a taxi one day an hour in advance, seemingly no problem at all for Codan Taxi. The taxi was 36 minutes late(!) I had to call them 3 times to ask where the hell my taxi was. Codan Taxi stinks!

September 15th 2005: Cancelled
The performance at Loppen, Copenhagen with Alex Puddu & the Butterfly Collectors on saturday the 17th got cancelled.

September 13th 2005: Butterflies in Copenhagen
I am to play with Alex Puddu and the Butterfly Collectors. We have a performance in on saturday at 22:00 at Loppen, Copenhagen, visit the "Live" section.

September 11th 2005: Done!
Done! My record has been recorded, mixed and mastered and the result is stunning. The sound quality is superb, really amazing, better than I had imagined. Now the hunt is on to get a label to publish it, I don't want to do that myself really, I prefer not to bother with distribution etc.
Last thursday the 8th we managed to get Rune Olsen to drop by to play percussion on a three tracks, that gave those songs last last "glue" that made them sound more complete. Saturday the 10th Rikke Eeg Petersen added vocals on one track.

September 3rd 2005: New keyboard player
Two days ago I found a new keyboard, Gorm B�low, to play in the fusion project. It was nesessary because Poul Reimann turned out to be too busy and to stressed to make it for the recording. Reimann might be able to show up to play on a track or two, but that is very uncertain.
In the last minute I also had to find a new studio because Poul Reimann decided to sell the studio I was supposed to record in. The fusion album is beeing recorded in VictorE Studios, Sturlasgade 14B, 2300 Copenhagen S with Niels Poulsen as sound-guy/recording engineer.

July 21st 2005: Chrome Shift recording demo next week
Well, I guess the title says it all.

July 21st 2005: The Silence of the Sun and the Rhythm of the Rain
The new Alex Puddu and the Butterfly Collectors record is to be released the 1st of September 2005. Going to be cool. Finally I have played on another album.

June 23rd 2005: Concerts and stuff
Look at the Live section, I have some performances in September and October with good old Alex Puddu and the Butterfly Collectors
More news: I got myself an T.C. Electronic G-Major Effects Processor - pretty cool machine. I guess I will annoy you all with weird sounds on that fusion record I am to record in September.

June 2nd 2005: Solo album
Time for some news again. I have completely forgotten to inform you, that I have found THE keyboardplayer for my solo-project: Poul Reimann!! Poul is a piano "wizard" just like the other guys are wizards on their instruments.
I also found a singer for a very pop-ish tune for the album. Her name is Rikke Eeg Petersen. A girl I have known since I was 5 years old.

April 20th 2005: NHØP
Yesterday the bassplayer "The Great Dane" Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen died. A sad day for all musicians :-( Yesterday, the 19th of April, Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen died and we lost one of greatest bassplayers the world has ever had.
I remember two concerts that has had a major influence on me as a bassplayer:

One of the most fantastic concerts I have ever been to, was in high school in 1991 in Aabenraa, when NHØP, Ole Kock-Hansen and Lennart Gruvstedt played. I sat on the first row right in front of NHØP only a few meters away. At some point in the first set, I lost the feeling of time and space, the music and NHØP's playing completely took me away into another world. I was like hypnotized. I got out of that hypnosis during the break between the first and the second set. In the break I got the band to autograph the poster advertising the concert. I still have that poster. After the concert I spoke to one of the arrangers of the performance. He said NHØP had noticed a few young people in the audience that were very consentrated on the music....he must have spotted me and my friends. The performance taught me how powerfull music can be.

Another performance I remember was in Sønderborg, where Thomas Fryland(t), NHØP, Kenny Drew(p) and a few others played. I remember the performance of "Donna Lee" where Thomas Fryland and NHØP played the theme in unison. I was stunned by the feeling and the speed NHØP had. It was incredible!

I have enjoyed NHØP's music and bassplaying a lot and will continue to do so. A shame I won't enjoy it live anymore.

Thanks for the music NHØP - whereever you are!

April 10th 2005: Solo album
It's about time I tell something about then main project for me: Creation of a solo album! I have written songs for a jazz-fusion album, and I still need 2 more songs. There are different kind of songs: ballads, fast songs, acoustic and solo tracks. Some of the songs were played in Epifani and other songs even before that. There are also a few new songs.
The album is to be recorded 2nd-11th of September this year. The musicians are Rasmus Grosell on drums and Jesper Nordal on guitar. I still need a keyboard player (hard to find in Copenhagen) and a female singer on one track (+ maybe a percussionist). We are rehearsing already and are making good progress.

April 10th 2005: Recording stuff
Lately I have been recording stuff for Alex Puddu and the Butterfly Collectors. Alex Puddu is working on a new album, and I have played on 5 tracks so far, including a single, that is to be released soon (I think). Can't really tell you detalis about the music, other than it is funky and very 70's.

March 8th 2005: Butterflies in Copenhagen
I am to play with Alex Puddu and the Butterfly Collectors. We have a performance in June, visit the "Live" section.

February 13th 2005: V.O.B.-site ready!
V.O.B. finally got a cool VOB-site (he-he). Please visit: Vand Over Bord.

February 13th 2005: V.O.B. at Caf� Stalingrad
V.O.B. is to perform at Caf� Stalingrad in Copenhagen, friday the 11th of March. Visit the "Live" section.

February 1st 2005: Butterflies in Aalborg
I am to play with Alex Puddu and the Butterfly Collectors. We have a short performance soon, visit the "Live" section.

January 25th 2005: V.O.B. at Caf� Utopia
It seems that V.O.B. is to perform at Caf� Utopia in Copenhagen, saturday the 19th of February. Visit the "Live" section.

December 24th 2004: Season's greetings
I would like to wish You a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. I hope we will meet at a concert in 2005!

December 14th 2004: Vand Over Bord
Another weird band name! "Vand Over Bord" (V.O.B.) is actually the jazz trio I play in that used to be called "Triot". We discovered there is already a danish band (also a jazz trio) called Triot, so we decided to change our name to V.O.B. "Vand Over Bord" are looking for gigs at the moment. We expect to play live in january somewhere in Copenhagen.

December 2004: New colours? - Part III + more!
Well, I have to admit I haven't made that new design for the webpage yet. Actually I think I have to speak to one of my webdesign friends to do the job, I simply haven't got the time for it.
I have been doing something else though. I have decided to focus on the creation of my first solo album - a jazz fusion album. I have enough material for it, but I think I will write another song or two. My deadline for songs is the 1st of January. In January I will start planning rehearsing sessions and studio sessions and then I will start finding the right musicians. The record will be out in 2005 - probably autumn.
2005 will also be the year Chrome Shift releases the second album. 2005 will be a fantastic year!

September 2004: New colours? - Part II
Yes, the site is pink - I know, so? Got tired of the brown theme. I am working on a new design - not a real revolution, but still different. Untill then You have to get used to pink - my "Pink Panther" tribute? Buy all the "Pink Panther" movies on DVD, I did.

September 2004: New colours?
I am a bit tired of the brown colour on this website, if you have a suggestion for a new colour theme, please let me know.

September 2004: Alex Puddu and the Butterfly Collectors
I am to play with Alex Puddu and the Butterfly Collectors. We have a short performance soon, visit the "Live" section.

August 2004: Goodbye to Epifani.
The fusion band Epifani I formed 5 years ago together with Tommy Wortmann has reached an end. Some bandmembers didn't have the time or the energy needed for the band to work on new material and to look for gigs. Another member decided to move away from jazz fusion for a while. Epifani will do one last recording session in September in order to record our favorite tracks.
I still haven't decided what to do with all the music I wrote for the band. At the moment I feel like making a solo-album with all the tracks - time will tell.

August 2004: Live performance.
I am to play with Alex Puddu and some other guy at Stengade 30 in Copenhagen, Denmark friday the 3rd of September 2004. Go to the "Live" section.

June 2004: Live performance.
I am to play with Alex Puddu and the Butterfly Collectors at Rust in Copenhagen, Denmark friday the 9th of July 2004. Go to the "Live" section.

June 2004: Added interviews.
I added a few interviews that used to be on the Chrome Shift website.

March 2004: Discography updated.
I finally updated my Discography, there where bits and pieces missing. I also deleted old news from the news section.

March 2004: New release!
I have played my bass on the brand-new Mushy record called "Unbelonging". Check it out.

February 2004: The trio project.
Right, about time I write something for this site. I placed a bit of information about the trio Triot I am playing in. Read all about it...there is not a lot to read really. Also I cleaned up the site. Removed a couple of links, added a few new ones.
Also I can add, that I am writing new music for Chrome Shift - finally! It has not been easy to get started after a metal-writing break for almost six months, but now I seem to be back on track (hopefully).

December 2003: Chrome Shift live.
Chrome Shift will play at Tex in Copenhagen, Denmark friday the 27th of February 2004.

October 2003: Chrome Shift live.
Chrome Shift will play at Månen in Haderslev, Denmark friday the 14th of November 2003.

September 2003: Chrome Shift European tour.
Chrome Shift is not going on the expected european tour this year. It turned out, that Chrome Shift had to pay everything by themselves, which makes the project impossisble. Chrome Shift is however playing at Prog Power, in Baarlo the 4th of October.

August 2003: New trio.
Massimo Fiorentino (piano), Mikkel Szlavik (drums) and I founded a new trio that plays jazz and jazzfunk. We play very simple music that is supposed to be played at cafes and small clubs. We expect to be ready to play in September so look out!!